Easter Week

This Sunday is Palm Sunday.
I love thinking about Easter Week, the Savior's last week.

This is a beautiful video you can watch this Easter Season with your family.

You can follow along each day of Easter Week here.

I put up a post last year of the Bible videos you can watch each day for Easter Week.
Our family likes following along that way.

the Small Seed posted this idea on their blog from Melanie Burk's idea.
You can download the pictures shown below for each day, and some scriptures that go with it, or an activity to. You could put the scriptures in an easter egg for you littles.
Don't make it a huge project. Keep it simple, the blog post has a lot of detail. It's too much for me.
I'm showing it, because I love putting up these pictures on a wall in our home.
The post allows you to download the pictures easily.


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