Does God Believe in the Internet?

Screens, Screens, Screens, and Pornography.

This is a daily concern I have as a mother for my family. I have 5 kids ages 15-6. Boys and Girls.
I'm right in the thick of it, raising my kids, and learning how to raise them in this world of technology.

We had a great Saturday night adult session of Stake Conference where a senior missionary couple talked to us about addictions and pornography. This is their mission, they have been called to serve as missionaries to help people who are working on their addictions, and in their recovery programs.

This is what the Sister Missionary said:

"Here are 8 things to help you and your families with Pornography and Screens"

1. Do your children know God's plan for Sex? Do they know it's a gift?
She asked the audience if we knew if God believed in Sex?
Teach them that it's a gift to be used properly for happiness.
We need to be the first to teach them.
We need to be the 1st resource about questions about Physical Intimacy.

2. Your children should have a dream/goal.
Becoming a pilot, scientist, soccer star, chef, mother, etc.
They should be engaged in doing things to help them with their goals and dreams.
This helps them with their idle time. They should be working on something they love to do.

3.The days of hit and miss scripture study and family prayer are gone.
It needs to be done every day. Let your kids know you struggle. Tell them when things
went wrong when you were a youth. Talk to each other. Try to make your home a happy place.
Do Family Councils. Build a happy, spiritual home.

4. Let your children spend more time with you than with their screens and devices.
Control and Limit their screen time.

5. Bear your testimony often, it will light theirs.
Help them FEEL their testimony in their hearts. Ask them "Do you feel that"
Let them learn what good feelings feel like.

6. Teach Optimism. There are happy endings! The world is too negative, it can be draining.
Teach them happiness. "Everything works out in the end, if it hasn't worked out yet,
then it's not the end."

7. Gratitude. It's hard to be depressed when you're counting your blessings.

8. God believes in the Internet! What is his view about it? Use it for good- Family History, Indexing,
etc. Tell your family stories. What is Great Grandpa and Grandma's stories, tell them.

In conclusion, we are curious. We are sexual creatures. Satan says it's a secret. Secrecy is his weapon.
CALL IT OUT! Don't keep it a secret. Give your children/youth images to replace it with.
Talk about it. Teach them to not return, don't go back! Assume your children have already been exposed to it. The average age is 11 yrs. old. But some children encounter it much earlier.
The industry is targeting children through cartoons.

It might be worth listening to this General Conference talk again too.

Use this website as a resource: overcomingpornography.com
There are also great FHE lesson ideas too.

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Janis said...

Wow, this is very useful and important information! Thank you for sharing it!! You never know whom this will help. I will share it with my family.