The Mother's Sacrifice

I just read this magazine article about a mother's sacrifice.

A mother was spending her evening sweeping her kitchen floor for the umpteenth time.
She was mumbling to herself the whole time,
"I didn't even make this mess or eat this food that is spilled on the floor."

Her husband overheard her and said to her,

“It’s what mothers do. They spend their lives cleaning up messes that they
had no hand in making—just like the Savior did.”

I loved this. Not the part about moms cleaning up all the time.
Just understanding better what the Savior has done for you and I better.
And, I liked getting some better perspective for the work I
do day in and day out.


Spring Break in Washington DC Part 2

We ate at Willard's BBQ with our cousins. It was delicious and fun.
We visited the other Air and Space Museum with our cousins.
We visited the Washington D.C. Temple grounds.

Later that night we went to IFly sky diving with our cousins.
WOW, that was soooooooooooooo much fun.
I'm going to try to do a separate post about that.
It was hands down my kids favorite part of visiting D.C.
On our last day in D.C. -
We went to Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, we saw the Cherry Blossoms,
and walked, and walked, and walked, AND walked to see the other memorials.
We had a great trip!


Something Fun to Listen To!

I really enjoyed listening to the new Relief Society General Presidency
talks from BYU Women's Conference last week. I laughed, and felt better.
If you need something fun to listen while you do dishes, laundry,
or taxi kids around this maybe just the thing to listen to.

These are great women, who are real and GET IT!
They are just like you and me.
I like that.


Spring Break in Washington D.C. Part 1

For Spring Break our family went to Washington D.C.
Chris' brother and his family live about an hour out of the city and we
were grateful we could stay and visit with them too.
Cousin Time is always the Best Time!

Day 1: Ford's Theatre, Shake Shack, International Spy Museum, Smithsonian Museum of Art

We were evacuated from the theatre since the fire alarm went off.
We never knew why. The kids thought it was terrorism.
But we were all safe, and we exited calmly out of the building.

 This was the bed he died on.
He was too tall, they had to lay him diagonally.
He was shot at night in the the theatre,
and died the next day in the house across the street.
 These are all the books that have ever been written about Abraham Lincoln.
I would love to read one, I just don't know which one.
Any suggestions?
The International Spy Museum was just ok for us.
It got lots of great reviews and was on most must-do lists in D.C.
Most museums are FREE, this one wasn't.
Here's some art we saw in the Smithsonian Art Museum:
 I loved seeing Joseph Smith Jr. in the National Portrait Gallery
 These stripes were AMAZING!
I loved them!

A Sculptures of my Boys!

Day 2: Natural History Museum, Castle, American Indian Museum, Air and Space Museum

This is as close as we go to our President.
It was very, very rainy on this day!