October Family Home Evening

I showed my kids some episodes of this tv show.
It's perfect for the month of October.
We all enjoyed it!
(You can watch these shows through Amazon or YouTube.)

We also went to the
We let the kids pick short videos they want to watch.
These are always some of our best Family Home Evenings,
when we watch theses videos.
We always learn something, the kids pay better attention,
and each message is always very direct and important.

We also made pumpkin pie milkshakes!
I love this recipe from Our Best Bites.
Treats are the key to fun Family Nights.


General Conference Weekend - Oct. 2016

I was so excited this past weekend, I made homemade cinnamon rolls!
This has been a goal of mine for years.

We also listened to General Conference from our church.
We listened to our Prophet, President Monson and the 12 Apostles.


Home-Made Orange Julius

Last week most of our family was hit with a stuffy head cold. My favorite remedy for when we're not feeling good with aches, sore throats, and stuffy heads is home-made Orange Julius drinks.

It's surprisingly easy, and tastes delicious. Even if we're not sick. 

Orange Julius

6 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate (DO NOT MAKE ORANGE JUICE)
1 c. milk
1 c. water
1/4 c. sugar (You can omit this, or use less)
1 t. vanilla
8 ice cubes (It's better to add 2 at a time as you blend it)

Combine all ingredients in the blender, except the ice cubes.
Blend 1-2 min., adding ice cubes one at a time, until smooth.
*You want the drink to become kinda frothy from blending it.
(If the drinks sits for a bit in the blender, it may separate, just blend again!)

Recipe from food.com/8589


Settling into our Fall Schedule

Our family is settling into our fall schedule.
It always takes a good month or so to transition from
Summer to Back-to-School.

We've also been in our new home for 2 years this fall.
We all feel settled, adjusted and happy after the move.
It takes time.


Refuge from the Storm

I've been inspired by this video:

We can help by going to www.justserve.org

Even if my time is sometimes limited I can smile when I see them around our town. Now that my eyes and ears have been opened to them, I see refugees quite a bit now in our community - at parks, in the grocery store, at the dr's office, etc.

I can donate supplies.
Our church often has drives for assembling health kits, school supplies, blankets, etc.

Praying for them, is also a great place to just start.  I can recognize a prompting, and do my best to follow through.


Surviving Summer

How's your summer going so far? With kids?

Minute by minute we are either loving it, or we're wondering how we're going to survive it all.

I found this quote on instagram that I could relate to:
"5 min. ago, I was pulling cookies out of the oven and thinking how much I [love] my life.
4 min. ago, all 3 kids were screaming like horror movie extras.
3 min. ago, I crammed cookies in my mouth to keep from shouting.
2 min. ago, I took off my shoes so I wouldn't go outside
and hide in my Cheerio receptacle, I mean minivan.
1 min. ago, I was thinking how much I hate my life.
Right now, everyone is quiet and drinking smoothies, [I love my life]!"

Here's some of my summer survival tips:
Some things I've done through the years to enjoy my kids a little more, and SURVIVE.


Summer has started!

My kids finished school last Friday.

Lindy finished Middle school and 8th grade - High School Next Fall!
Kyle finished 6th grade
Tate finished 4th grade
Sadie finished 2nd grade
Brandon finished Preschool -He'll be at 1/2 day kindergarten Next Fall- I'll be a little bit of an empty nester next fall for a couple of hours.

The kids ran in the capitol classic race kids-only 1 mile race in downtown boise over the weekend.
Always a fun tradition.

We went to a ward social on Friday. We are in a brand new ward that was created in our stake.
We've all been calling less for 3 weeks now, it can feel a little nerve racking, wondering what you'll get when every calling is up for grabs. EVERY CALLING.

We burned our kids' school papers on Sat. night in a campfire in our backyard.
That was fun.

This week Kyle goes to band for the saxophone, Tate will start the banjo.
The kids have an art class this week.
Sadie will do a little cheer, and Tate also wanted to try karate.

We are sleeping in, and so GLAD to be done with school work and papers!


Romantic Songs

The movie Houseboat with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren is
one of my favorites.

I love when they dance to this song in the movie

La Vie En Rose is another favorite song that I like to listen to.


Painting Furniture

I tried furniture painting an old shelf, recently.

Here are some of my tips:
I used The Frugal Girl's blog post on furniture painting as my resource
A great resource with pictures!
Centsational Girl has a great furniture painting post too!

Plan on about 20-30 min. each day, over a period of about 4-5 days.
Don't plan on doing it all in 1 day.
Be patient with yourself, it takes practice furniture painting.

I've done it a couple times now over the years,
and I'm just starting to get better at it.
I'm still learning, myself, what works and what doesn't.

Basics to Remember:
Sand, Wipe off, Spray-on Primer, Sand again-wipe off, Roll on Paint

These steps work well together to give you a
finished, smooth, professional look to your furniture.

Step 1:
Sand the wood piece to remove the finish.
I used 80 grit sandpaper (This sandpaper feels rough.)
I like using an electric sander.
I just picked a sander up at my local Home Depot or Lowes or Amazon.

Step 2:
After you sand the piece, use a damp rag
to remove/wipe away all the fine dust on the furniture.

If there are any holes you need to fill or repair do this step next.
There is wood filler tubes, glue, paste, etc. you can also pick up from Home Depot or Lowes.
Step 3:
Spray on a primer using a spray can.
Use a primer color similar to the
color you'll be painting it. Grey primer works great for color;
white primer works the best if the finished piece will be white.
Apply 1-2 several thin coats of primer.
No worries, if there are a couple
spots you missed, since you will be painting over it anyway.
Step 4:
After the primer dries, Sand again! This time using a higher grit sand paper.
I used 220, this sand paper is very fine, and feels much smoother.
It's okay if some of the primer is sanded off. Your goal with this step is SMOOTH.

Be sure to wipe off the excess dust with a damp cloth again.

Then, take your hand over the piece of furniture to see if it feels smooth.
You many need to sand again if it doesn't feel completely smooth yet.

Step 5:
Time to paint. I prefer to roll on paint for the final paint color.

You can spray paint with a can, but spray cans, can get a little drippy for the final finish.
Spray paint cans works great for the primer step-
because it's fast, and if you get any drips, it gets sanded off later.
Spray paint cans also work great for smaller color changes, frames, vases, etc.

I prefer rolling on paint for larger pieces of furniture.
You could use a fancy paint sprayer for this step.
They are expensive and I just haven't invested in one yet.

For now, rolling on paint is the best for me, since I don't furniture paint that often.

Try to get a paint that has a satin finish to it.
That will give it a nice finished look.

I painted on 2 coats of paint.

If you need to take a break, you can put your roller in a plastic bag.
Plastic grocery bags work too, if your roller is larger.
You can leave your roller, like this for a few hours.
These little foam brushes work great for touch-up and some tighter spaces, if needed.

* Special note for this project, I used some leftover sample paint that was very flat.
There was NO sheen or shine to the paint.
So to help finish the piece I sprayed on gloss to give it a finished look.
But it didn't show anything really. So I wouldn't do that again.
Live and Learn- I do recommend getting paint that has a gloss, or satin finish to it.


A Mother's Day Gift Idea

Buy a package of Forget-Me-Not Seeds.

Attach this little note on the back from


Favorite Short Hair Products

Here are my favorite hair products that I use with my short hair.

I have thick hair, so keep that in mind,
as you consider these products and the texture of your own hair.

1. Aveda, Brilliant Hair Retexturing gel
I use this one when I have wet hair.
I need to put product in my hair after I wash it.
This allows my hair to be more manageable, after it's dry.
It's a little pricey, but it works so well, I let this be a beauty splurge.
We all need at least 1 beauty splurge, right?
Cheap gels don't absorb in my hair very well,
and don't last throughout the day.
This one absorbs great, with out being too goopy,
and doesn't give my hair a wet, crunchy, look.
It looks natural while keeping my hair more styled.

2. Style Sexy Hair, Slept In creme
This one I use in the mornings on my dry hair,
when it's sticking up everywhere.
This creme is my quick fix, to help me fix my hair fast.
The title is exactly as it's described - it fixes your slept-in hair.
Sometimes I use it on my wet hair too. This one maybe my favorite!

3. Aveda, Control Paste
This one I use on my dry hair, and you need a little product to control some fly aways,
or just tame your hair a bit. It only takes a finger-tip of paste,
that you rub into the palms of your hands,
and then rub into your hair to style it a bit.
It's great for an evening out, or just to fix your hair
when you need to look a little more polished.
This one is pricey, but I use it for years since you only use a little at a time.
It doesn't smell the best, but it works so well, that I overlook that con.
I also use this one with my longer hair too.
It helps with straight hair, without making your hair look wet or sticky.


A weekend

Over the weekend, I painted a book shelf
Chris mowed the lawn,
we celebrated cousin Spencer's 15th birthday,
Lindy competed in National History Day for her Rachel Carson project,
at the same time she came down with a fever, and aches,
and spent the rest of the weekend in bed,
We took the rest of the kids to see the new Disney Jungle Book, movie.
It was a a cold, rainy weekend,
perfect weather for a movie outing with the kids.
(But matinee prices are $$, yikes,
we may not be doing that again anytime soon.)
I thought the movie was fun seeing all the animals,
and Bill Murray was a great voice to the bear character.
The tiger character was mean, so there were a few scary parts for little, littles.
Our 5 year old did okay with it.

We attended church, Chris and I did a little family history,
and later enjoyed a family dinner and dessert with friends.

Now onto Monday, and another week!


Secret Hideaway

I love finding and taking my kids to secret hideaways.
I call them secret hideaways,
because they are usually hidden in some trees.
We can hang out, read, and relax there,
and forget our cares for a while.

One of my new favorite songs, Catch and Release
by Matt Simons includes these lyrics
that perfectly captures how I feel about our secret hideaways,

"There's a place I go to,
where no one knows me,
it's not lonely,
it's a necessary thing."

A few years ago I posted about a
Secret Hideaway, from our last home.
Here's that blog post for a trip to the past - 5 years ago!
I kinda look the same because I had short hair in that post.
My kids, DO NOT, they are so young,
and we didn't even have Brandon yet.


Softening Brown Sugar + An Easy Dessert Recipe

I have a large bag of brown sugar, that went really hard.
It became hard as a rock -
too hard to put in measuring cups, and bake with.
But, I hated to throw it out.
I googled how to soften brown sugar, and saw this tip:

Put your hard sugar in an air tight container with a piece of bread.
(I also put in a couple drops of water, too).
Then cover it with a lid.

I wasn't sure if it would work. I was a little skeptical.

WaaLah! It did work, I had super, soft brown sugar after a couple of days.
I love how this tip gives us a good reason to use the heels of our bread, too!

My soft, brown sugar was perfect for making this EASY, yummy dessert.
Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bars
from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Recipe tips after making it a few times:
We like using less chocolate chips, and more caramel.
Give the bars enough time to cool (1 hour +), to cut and serve.

Image source from Mel's Kitchen Cafe