A Donut Birthday Party

Sadie turned 9 back in May.
She wanted to have some friends over for a party.
Sadie came up with a Donut Themed Birthday Party.

I thought her idea was so cute.
We sent out Donut Invitations.

Sadie wanted to do a craft.
We made paper plate donut purses.
Here is the idea and instructions.

We played some Donut Games.

Game 1:
Try to eat a donut from a string using NO hands.

Game 2:
Try to throw 3 inflatable donuts onto a stick.
(We used a brother's play sword stuck in our couch.)

(They are small, and not swimming pool inflatables.)

Game 3:
Pin the Donut!

The girls put their initials on the bottom part of the donut.
We blindfolded the girls and had a donut box tacked to the wall.
The girls had to try to put their donut top on their initialed donut.
We did a donut cake, of course!
(For you locals,
Sweet Sensation Donut is are favorite place to get fresh donuts!
They are YUMMY!)

We gave out these mini donut chains in goodie bags.


Jane Eyre and Summer Survivial

I just finished reading Jane Eyre for the 1st time!

Why did I take so long to read this great book?

I love Jane Eyre's character.

I have watched older movie versions too.
So, I knew the story well.

Reading the story, of course, was much more detailed,
with great quotes!
There is some language in the book from
Charlotte Bronte's time period 
that can get a little long
in some parts of the book,
but it was still a
very pleasurable read.

I read Jane Eyre so I could enjoy this book:

**UPDATE: I finished reading this book!**:
Nothing can compare to Bronte's writing,
but I did enjoy this book.
It did help answer a lot of questions I had about him
from reading Jane Eyre.
If you love Jane Eyre, then I think this book is a must read.
(Just a head's up, there is some strong language in this book from
Bertha, Mr. Rochester's wife.)

I've started reading Rebecca another classic by Daphne Du Maurier

My mother's name is named Rebecca,
and she showed me this movie
when I was younger and I've always wanted
to read the book.
I'm excited to read this one too.

I also just finished reading
It is a true story.
Elizabeth was kidnapped at age 15,
taken from her home in the middle of the night,
and held captive for 9 months.

I read this book for the book club I'm a part of.
I was nervous to read it,
but felt like I should.

I'm so glad I read it.

It was good to understand more of the truth
of the circumstances surrounding her kidnapping.
Her character is also Exemplary.
When I got to the part towards the end of the book,
when her mother offered her words of wisdom
after she was back at home again,
I understood why it was good I read the book.
I love inspiring words from Mothers.

Happy Summer Reading!

Reading is my NEW survival method
for surviving this summer with my 5 kids underfoot.

I usually just buy fancy popsicles,
and try to hide from the kids while
I try to enjoy the fancy popsicle.

This summer I will escape by READING!

It's working great so far.


The Mother's Sacrifice

I just read this magazine article about a mother's sacrifice.

A mother was spending her evening sweeping her kitchen floor for the umpteenth time.
She was mumbling to herself the whole time,
"I didn't even make this mess or eat this food that is spilled on the floor."

Her husband overheard her and said to her,

“It’s what mothers do. They spend their lives cleaning up messes that they
had no hand in making—just like the Savior did.”

I loved this. Not the part about moms cleaning up all the time.
Just understanding better what the Savior has done for you and I better.
And, I liked getting some better perspective for the work I
do day in and day out.


Spring Break in Washington DC Part 2

We ate at Willard's BBQ with our cousins. It was delicious and fun.
We visited the other Air and Space Museum with our cousins.
We visited the Washington D.C. Temple grounds.

Later that night we went to IFly sky diving with our cousins.
WOW, that was soooooooooooooo much fun.
I'm going to try to do a separate post about that.
It was hands down my kids favorite part of visiting D.C.
On our last day in D.C. -
We went to Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, we saw the Cherry Blossoms,
and walked, and walked, and walked, AND walked to see the other memorials.
We had a great trip!