My New Therapy

Junie B. Jones

Tate, my son who's 6, just discovered the Junie B. Jones chapter book series.

We read them tonight together.
Oh My. I start laughing so hard, and then crying.

For some reason, they are totally hitting me just right. I love them.
Normally, I rush through reading a story to my kids at night,
or try to ignore it altogether and make Chris do it.

When I read Junie B. with Tate, I just want to keep reading.
I feel so much better, after a long day of I don't even know what.
Just a long day of being a housewife and mother.
Junie B. makes me feel much, much better.

Lindy read a couple of the books when she was younger, but we never got into it.
Kyle, to my knowledge, never discovered them either.
Maybe it took having 5 kids and being Tate's mom to appreciate them.

I think Tate and Junie B. would be great, great friends.

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MollyE said...

Cute! I have always wondered if these would be good for boys to read. Now, I will try them!