Digital or Acoustic?

I'm slowly beginning the process of deciding on a piano for our family. The decision is becoming difficult between digital or acoustic. I've asked families and piano teachers. Everyone has a different opinion. There are pros and cons to both.  Some say we should have both. What???!!!
Then they say, "Get a grand, that's the best thing.  Look on Craig's list, go to Costco, buy used from the guy in the ward, go to the family in the ward who owns a music store, go to the local wharehouse sale, see what the local university is selling, if you're kids will be concert pianists you'll want the best."
I reply, "My kids will not be concert pianists". They frown at me.

I just want my kids to play ColdPlay's music on the piano for me.
I think their songs sound great on the piano.

The decision is stressing me out.  My grandma used to say, when she was little, they had Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream. That was is it, the decision was easy. Now they have 31 flavors. Too many choices.
I feel the same way about getting a piano.


Karen said...

Good luck, I have no advice

MollyE said...

ha, ha. This is so funny to me because I already know what you are going to do. And when you do what I know you are going to do, I will tell you, I knew you were going to do that!!!

AmyMak said...

Went through the same thing. My advice? Get a good one that's used. Make sure it can be tuned but that's it. You have little ones that are going to pound the heck out of it. Got mine used for $1500 and it does exactly what we want it to do - sounds good and let's our kids practice the piano. good luck!

Cathy said...

I bought a black upright (actually we traded carpet cleaning for a piano with the Dunkley's nearly 5 years ago... first peice of NEW furniture we got!). I chose this merely based on looks. Yep, it was all about looks. Isn't that vain? My sister and another fam in our ward have digital and the kids sure have a blast with it! So if it's all about looks, I'd say go traditional in the color you like. If you want another "fun" thing in your house - go digital! My sister bought the headphones with her digital piano, so she can have QUIET when she needs it. Ha ha! Nice feature I'd say!

Tricia said...

We are making this same decision! I can't wait to see what you decide. I think we are leaning toward digital.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

"I just want my kids to play Cold Play" hahaha that goes down as one of my most favorite Katie quotes ever. I love it, lol