Our Wonderful Spring Break

We were able to travel to Oregon to visit with my whole family. 
My parents, all my sisters' and their families, 
and to see my brother return home
from his 2-yr. L.D.S. Mission from California.

It was such a great week, with my parents as fabulous hosts.
We all slept under the same roof.
20+ people!

We packed everything in. From birthdays, to a bridal shower, Easter, and family time.
Every day there was something BIG to celebrate.
My mom at the airport, anxiously waiting to see her son again after 2 years.

Proud Parents
Welcome Home, Steven!
Well Done!

 The annual cousin jelly bean hunt inside grandma's house!
It was hard to get a good photo of the kids.
They were racing through the house, to find those jelly beans.

We decorated Easter Eggs.

We celebrated my grandpa's 90th year.
(His 90th is coming up in July)
Since we were all together we thought it would be fun to honor him.
We played a fun game of Jeopardy honoring his life.
He loves Jeopardy.
(He almost left his party of Jeopardy to watch the real show on tv.)

Sadie up way too high. 

We visited plenty of local parks.
The weather was PERFECT!
 We rode on the Portland Sky Tram, and saw the beautiful Portland view.

 We celebrated my sister, Stacey's recent engagement and upcoming wedding!
We had a girls-only night out and bridal shower!
Very Fun.
 I was able to take some fun photos of them!
They are so HAPPY!

My beautiful Mother, turned 60!
Of course we CELEBRATED some more with lots of ice cream.
She didn't even need to blow out her candles this year, 
since her wishes have come true for her children.

We ended the great week with Easter Sunday,
and my brother's homecoming talk.
I'm grateful for the Plan of Happiness,
that includes Families that makes all of this possible.
That's really what it's all about.

(In case you can't get enough of our family,
my sister's posted about the week too. Karen, Sally 1 & 2)


Amanda said...

What a week! LOVE the pics of Stacey and fiance, and LOVE the pics of your family. So cute! I want to borrow those outfits for my kids!!

MollyE said...

What a beautiful picture of Mom!