How-To Fake "Having it all Together"

Wear a chunky, colorful, beady necklace that matches your outfit.
Big earrings or a fun, chunky bracelet work well too.
(But not all at the same time, 1 Big chunky piece of jewelry does the trick!)
  • This fake "Having it all Together" look works best in casual settings. When normally tired, run down mothers look and feel sloppy. Below I describe situations with young children, but I believe this philosophy works for all women no matter your season of life.
  • The next time you're at the grocery store with 4 kids because it's summer. Wear a big, chunky necklace. When the kids are running up and down aisles, crying about candy, disrupting the other shoppers. The shoppers will quickly notice your necklace and know you have it all together.
  • When you're at the neighborhood park, and your children are whining loudly because they are bored quickly, hot, hungry, forgot their shoes and the bark chips hurt their feet, or the baby is eating the bark chips. The other mothers at the park will see the necklace, and think to themselves,"Wow, there is a mother that has it all together."
  • Of course, you can use this trick in more formal settings, like church. When your kids are irreverent all around you, or causing other disasters around the pew or in their primary class, or for you personally with your church calling. The jewelry will give you the appearance of "Having it all Together". It also serves as a great toy for boys and girls of all ages to keep them quiet. (Watch out they don't pull too hard on beads, keep a Ziploc bag in church bag just in case.)
  • Other situations this works well for:
  1. Pregnancy
  2. Bad Hair Days
  3. Bad outfit Days
  4. Any public situation when children are with you, especially if you have to do any type of business transaction.
  5. Visiting your husband at work
  6. The library visit
  7. Girls Night Out
  8. Date Night
**Special Note, you can get cheap, chunky jewelry at any store like Walmart, Target, etc.**
Go to the clearance section. No need to spend a lot of money.
It will look like you did, though.


Janis said...

Katie, you make me laugh! You are definitely as cute as Maria!! Yesterday in church the lady next to me was wearing a chunky necklace and she was having fun playing with it herself. I'm heading out shopping!

MollyE said...

This is so true!!! The chunky necklace you gave me for my last birthday has done wonders. I'm totally serious, people comment about the necklace no matter if everything else about me is a total wreck. Brilliant.

LisaLong said...

Dang! I should have worn a chunky necklace to the library yesterday. While I was fighting with the librarian over the fact that I returned a book and they had not checked it back into the system (she told me I needed to go home and look for it at my house again), my kids wandered off. Another librarian "delivered" them back to me and said, "You need to keep your kids with you at all times. They are WAY too little to be over here by themselves." I was so stunned I just picked everyone up and left. I bet she wouldn't have been so rude to me if I had been wearing a chunky necklace!

Christie said...

This. is. genius.

Seriously. Where were you when my kids were little and I looked like a disaster??? This was hilarious. My favorite is the kids at the store. I can soooo relate.

Thanks for playing along!

Karey said...

This is great idea. Unfortunately, the only jewelery I wear is my wedding ring and an occasional noodle necklace made for mother's day. Is that chunky enough?

jessica said...

Great tip! I usually use a hat but clearly I'm not faking anything with that accessory.

Thelma said...

I'm wearing a chunky necklace today because of you. I feel so together.