2016 Favorite Things

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I love sharing my favorite things with you.
They aren't exciting or glamorous items.

It's just a list of basic things.

Each of these items have helped me smile, survive,
and enjoy my home and family during 2016.

You can buy most of these items in your local stores.
Most of my links take you to Amazon to give you a price idea, and
to use as a resource to help you find the product and read reviews.
I am not affiliated with any of these products, companies, or websites.

Home Decor
1. My letter folk board has been a great way to put up inspirational quotes in our home.
(It does take up some time putting the letters on, so I change it up about once a month, NOT daily.)
2. I love having an easy live plant to care for in our home. These snake plants are just the thing.
I like the modern look it gives our home.
3. My kids LOVE these junior chairs around our table. We bought 2, we should have bought 5.
They fight over them ALL THE TIME. Make sure you look at the different styles, and colors on Ikea's website. The height of these chairs are perfect for average table height.

4. Ryan Adams took Taylor Swift's 1989 album and put each song into his own style.
I LOVE IT! It's mellow, relaxing, and perfect for this 40 yr old + mom - myself. On the other hand,
my 14 yr old daughter heard it, and HATED IT. She thought it was weird hearing popular radio songs sung so differently. You may dislike it too. To each his/her own! Have a quick listen to one of my favorites from the album on YouTube. 
5. The Head and The Heart's new album. I love each song. It makes me happy.

Kids and Games
6. and 7. Q-bitz and Labyrinth These games are fun, and easy to set-up and play. My 5 yr old son loved Labyrinth, which saved me all last winter when I had pneumonia, and I could play with him without exerting much thought or energy. Which, truth be told, all parents need games like these to play with their kids whether we are sick or not. Right??!!
8. My kids LOVE thinner than thin coats. Why? I have no idea. But these Columbia windbreakers are it! So thin, and comfortable. If you're looking for a thick,winter kid coat, this is NOT it.
We picked these windbreakers up at Columbia's outlets,
but sporting goods stores carry them and department stores.
9. These elastic hair ties are so fun for boys and girls for bracelets. They come in all colors and designs, even in your favorite sports teams colors. My girls, of course love them, for ponytails as well. The price is great!

Home and Kitchen Gadgets
10. I LOVE any knife by Kuhn Rikon from Switzerland. They are so fun to use and makes chopping, dicing, and slicing so much easier. You can't go wrong with any of them. I linked you to the most basic size that you can use most often. 
11. Painter's Blue Tape - I can't live without this tape. I use it all over my house on my walls for quick displays. All year it seems I need to put up kids papers, art, calendars, etc. It doesn't damage your walls, but still sticks well. I'll use it to hang our christmas cards, kids papers for their rooms. etc.
I even hung my Instagram photo display on a wall using this tape as a more permanent decor solution.
12. Double stick tape -  I'm over using glue sticks, elmer's glue, and glue dots. I use double stick tape ALL the time to quickly stick things onto to things. It's mainly for paper needs. Can't live without this stuff. It's the one thing I'd grab in a hurry during a fire after my family, kids and photos. Wink, wink!!

Health and Beauty
13. It's a 10 Hair Product - It's a spray almost like a gel, but like a hairspray. It's perfect. It solves all my hair problems in the am. It works great on taming my boys hair too. 
14. CeraVe face lotion - I was never a big fan of lotion on my face in my teen years, and even into my 20's. But, as I've aged, it's become more of a necessity to help my face look more even.  I believe it helps my make-up to stay on longer. I don't have oily skin, and I love using a thicker lotion on my face. I discovered this one by CeraVe and I love it. The pump dispenser is great too, for getting the right amount.
15. and 16. Essie Nail Polish and Out the Door Topcoat I love painting my nails on the weekend to last through the week. I don't like buying fancy gels and DIY manicure stuff. Essie has become my favorite nail polish to help my busy hands keep a polish on throughout the week. Mini bottles are my favorite! It's a little more pricey but for me has become worth the cost. I try to buy one color in the season. Using the Out the Door Topcoat has also been a great solution to keeping the polish on all week. *Giving out a gel manicure gift certificate from a local nail salon is also one of my favorite gift giving ideas!

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Rebecca said...

I will have to try a few, better yet, I need to come to your home and see you and some of these great ideas!

Janis said...

I always looks forward to your lists! You are better than Oprah!
Thanks for sharing!!

MollyE said...

Fantastic list once again!!! I can't wait to try that spray on my boys hair. I need something!