A current slice of my life. . .

Kyle is 6. He goes to half-day kindergarten. He gets home at about 11:40 a.m. everyday. He gets bored quickly and easily at home. He likes playing video games and watching t.v. My challenge everyday is keeping him occupied and entertained. It is a challenge.

Most mothers warned me they love afternoon kindergarten. It helps them survive the days.
I thought am kindergarten was good to get them up and going. You know, getting them used to going to school in the mornings. I should have taken their advice. I also thought Kyle would get to bed early.
He doesn't because his brother is Ernie, I mean Tate.

Tate is 4. He is home with me too. He has 2 more years before he starts kindergarten. 2 years of preschool is a lot of coloring, writing your name, and money. So Tate is home with me. He plays with Kyle that's good.

Sadie is 18 mons. now, she is home with me too. 3 children at home everyday almost all day, is a challenge. You can't take 2 boys to a store or do any kind of errands, let alone 3 kids. Just when it might be a good idea to take the boys to a park, or bike ride, etc. Sadie is ready for her nap. It disrupts our days a bit.

My kids are growing up; I recognize that. But, they are still around me all day every day.
My boys have turned into real life boys now. Physical (playful?) fighting, tugging, wrestling, being gross with body noises, and mischief.
Sometimes I send the boys on scavenger hunts.
The other day they had to:
  1. Go to their room, jump on their bed, then do 15 jumping jacks.
  2. Find 3 blue things
  3. Empty their laundry bin
  4. Color a halloween picture
  5. Go down the outside slide 3X's
  6. Help mom go through the winter clothing - coats, mittens, etc.
  7. Get their prize!
I reminded them it was not a race, and to take their time.

Another recent survival tactic for me with the boys is allowing them to do food experiments:

* Special Note, when I saw Tate was using the expensive, desirable, extra delicious Stephen's hot chocolate mix I took it away from him immediately.

Kyle made this all by himself at school this week.
When I saw this, it made me feel a little better about raising my boys:

"Tate, your my best friend."


Stacey said...

Oh I love Kyle's card, that's so sweet!

Karen said...

You're such a great mom! I love all the activities you do with your kids.


I 'live' in a similar world! Just two kiddos around, however. The other two are in school all day (I enjoy that!) You are an AWESOME mom to let them experiment with food! Very brave indeed! I did that when I was small--my mom was brave too! Or maybe I performed my experiments while she was at work? I don't remember now. My girls would LOVE to do that. I'm afraid if I let them do it once, it would become a daily request. Sigh! Gage is into mischief nearly every second of the day. It exhausts me to think about it. I am grateful, for his sake, that I live in an old house and don't own much of consequence--he destroys something EVERY day! I simply cannot keep up. He must be bored--perhaps an 'experiment' would help! Ha! Happy Day!

Andrea said...

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the Stephens hot chocolate being used in an experiment! I'm glad that you took that away:)

Cathy said...

Love the scavenger hunt idea! I'm at home with three little boys and it just seems to get noisier every day! I too feel your pain/joy. But how sweet is the little picture Kyle made. I love it!

Amanda said...

Katie, I just love reading your blog! My Kathryn is 4 and can't go to kindergarten for 2 years, either. Love the scavenger hunt idea, I'll have to try that.