2015 Favorite Things

Here's my list for this year.
This is always a fun tradition from 320 Sycamore Blog.
All of these things I have truly used
and loved all this past year.

Roxy Slip-on Shoes
SOOOOO comfortable -
so easy to slip-on for women on the go!
Various fabrics and colors.
Purchase at Famous Footwear and Amazon

Kamik Olivia Rain Boot from DSW.
Rain is never gloomy when I where these!
Love them.
Gerry Brand UltraLite Coats
My kids love these coats - a little puffy and very lightweight
These coats still keep my kids super warm.
They love them for school, so they can move more at recess,
and stuff them in their backpacks.
My husband loves his,
and I got myself one to put under the tree this year.
My husband has the GoLite brand coat.
I got my kids the less expensive Gerry brand at our local Costco.


A  Rose Gold Watch.
My new favorite jewelry color.
*Make sure the watch is water resistant.


I loved the new Cinderella movie.
The movie had such a great message too.
(Quote Art from missbrimley.com)

Home Decor
Any Wall Art from Pier1 imports.
I don't have enough walls to hang all my favorites!


The dice game Tenzi
Make sure to get enough dice for 4+ players.
The card pack is great to have too.
You can get it on Amazon


I love using these flavored syrups to make Italian Ice Sodas.
That's a favorite thing for sure.
These syrups are also great to add to your hot chocolate, or steamed milk.
I get these at my local grocery stores or on Amazon.

I have found myself using The Romney Family Table Cookbook a lot.
Anytime you use a family favorite cookbook,
there will be some great recipes to choose from.
I love Ann's parenting advice and stories
she sprinkles into the cookbook as well.

Kids Misc.
TYR brand goggles for my kids.
Finding good goggles for my kids has been a challenge.
I discovered this brand, from lots of positive online reviews.
I bought them for my kids.
Success!! Each pair endured great for my 5 kids ALL SUMMER.
This says a lot. Highly Recommend.
I purchased them from Amazon.

Home/Office Organization

If you're starting to get the itch to do some family genealogy,
or record your grandparents, or parents stories.
FamilySeach website is so helpful and FUN!
You can also print out a fan chart for your family
which makes for a nice gift idea or decor for your home.

Post-It Note Blank Weekly Calendar

I need to post our family's weekly schedule on our fridge for the week.
This post-it note solution has been fantastic.
It's smaller than an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper, about 7X8,
but still gives enough space to write our weekly family's plans.
There are different patterns and designs.
Look at Target, Amazon or Wal Mart

Chatbooks has been great for getting
my instagram photos off my phone,
and recording our family's events in a mini journal book.
It is an app for your phone.
Here is a discount code
to get your 1st chatbook free:
Super simple and convenient.
I get 60 photos in a soft or hard cover book.
Chatbooks automatically sends the books to me;
each time a new book is created using my last 60 instagram photos.
I'm only making about 2 books a year.
Which is just right.
I can edit the books.
That way not every photo is included in the book.
FREE Shipping!
I can also link my other family's instagram accounts into 1 account.

 Even with our digital society,
I still love to read a good magazine to relax.
RealSimple is still my #1 favorite.
It's inspiring and helpful.
Get yourself a subscription for the new year.
Pamper yourself.

Enjoy the Holidays!
We still have so much to be grateful for.

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Stacey said...

That's the coat brand I got for Macey. It feels great!

Karen said...

Great list, fun to read!!

Laura said...

I love your lists every year, and always get some good ideas!

Unknown said...

I always love your recommendations! I just bought those coats for my boys too- they have been begging me for a coat like that and now I want one for me!

You need to check out Cash n' Carry for the Torani Syrups. They carry literally every flavor they make and have the best price around and just over $4!

Now I need to go shoe shopping :)

Unknown said...

I don't know why my comment is coming up at a mystery unknown person. This is Sara W. :)

Anonymous said...

So many wonderful things ! Thanks for sharing! I loved the Cinderella movie too. : )