2014 Favorite Things

This has become a fun tradition on my blog to share with you.

Everything on this list are things
I have used throughout the year, and have loved!
These are just my own honest opinions,
and where I have found it easy to purchase these products.

1. The Wet Brush

This is the best brush of all time
for combing you or your daughter's long hair.
It is has been a life saver in our home,
My girls hate it when I comb their hair.
We have less tears now,
and less threats from me that
I'll chop off their hair.

2. The Apple Peeler

My kids love to help in the kitchen with this.
Making an apple pie has never been easier.
You do have to clean it carefully when done.
That's the downside, you can't put it in the dishwasher.

P.S. Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons never expire,
and you can use as many as you want during 1 purchase at the store.
I'm not familiar with how to use multiple coupons online.

3. The Lodge Enamel
Cast Iron Dutch Oven
My husband gifted this for me last Christmas as a surprise.
I have loved it!
I use it weekly for soups, casseroles, pasta, etc.
I have the 6 qt size,
which is the perfect for our family of 7.
It's more affordable than other competitive dutch ovens,
and is less maintenance.
You don't have to season the iron. 
You can get this at most stores. Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc.

4. DownEast Wonder Tees

I wear these shirts under my shirts or dresses for layering.
It's the best under shirt for modesty. The best.
They come in lots of colors.
Most of you probably already know about these shirts,
but just in case, I thought I would share it anyway.

I get them at DownEast online or at my local DownEast store.

DownEast also has the essential tee, which are the same as the wonder tee, 
but they have a nicer finished edge around the collar, and sleeves.
They cost a couple dollars more than the wonder tee.
They also have the classic tee which is made for everyday wear,
and not as much as an undershirt and more loose fitting.

5. and 6. Garden Kneeling Pad
and Fall Planting Bulbs
My Garden Knee Pad makes planting,
and weeding so much more comfortable.
I use it to sit on in the dirt too.
It's the perfect gift for any gardner.
You can get these at any store in their gardening section.

I love planting fall bulbs for spring flowers.
I get my bulbs at Costco.
I know this is usually a Christmas list,
and past planting time for some of you,
but I thought I would include it in this year's list anyway.

Here's a map for easy reference of the best time of year to plant bulbs where you live.
Bulbs are super easy to plant.
If you get a lot, though, it takes more time.
You just make some holes and plop each bulb in the hole,
then cover it back with the dirt.
I like planting a lot in a small area.
You plant once in the fall,
and then every spring for years to come
you have beautiful flowers.
It's the perfect sight in your yard after a long winter.
I never do any fertilizer or anything. 
My bulbs usually last 3-5+ years.
Sometimes longer depending on how much I disturb the soil with planting
other flowers in the summer,
or how much my kids get into the dirt.

7. Small and Simple Things
by Marjorie Pay Hinckley

I love this little book from the prophet's wife, Sister Hinckley.

It's a small book, easy to read, and glance through.
You only need spend a few minutes,
and you're quickly cheered up from her.
She shares some favorite quotes and scriptures,
easy recipes
(I've tried them, they're delicious),
and some stories.
She reminds me of my grandmother too.
You can get it on Amazon.

8. Maybelline Color Whisper
A favorite drugstore find.
You can get this at any of your local box stores.
These are great when you need a new lipstick,
and you don't want to break the bank with dept. store lipstick prices.

9. Netflix Finds

Any Cheesy Romantic Movie

Have a wonderful holiday season!
Enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Great items! I love these link up parties! Precious children pictures : )

pam {simple details} said...

What a fun list, Katie!! I have the apple peeler, isn't it the best for getting family to help out? :) I checked out your past posts and LOVE your sweet mom's idea! I'd think those ordinary things were pretty special too!

Shelia Dowd said...

I love, love your Dutch oven. I've wanted one for years...maybe this is the year for me!
House of Highlands

Janis said...

I always love your lists, Katie! Thanks for the Dyson vacuum tip a few years ago. I love mine!

April said...

Enjoyed your list! Stopping by from the link-up. I will have to remember that wet brush once my daughter's hair grows out.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Wet Brush. I agree....LIFESAVER!

Melissa Smith said...

Hello Katie!! I got bulbs at Costco this year and I still have a section to plant. I also love Small and Simply Things and cheesy Christmas movies :)

Kathy said...

Love the list! Great advice! Isn't it so helpful to hear how someone else likes a product before buying it?


MollyE said...

This is a great list, way better than Oprah! Several things I want to get on here!