It's the little things


The piles
that NEVER, EVER go away.

It's magic, you put them away, turn your head. . .
And they're BACK, all new little things too.

Paper clips, tacks, pencils, pens, erasers, magnets, charms, hair pieces, legos,
socks, batteries, screws, beads, etc.

 You can't throw them away either.
They are little pieces that still have meaning and purpose somewhere in the house.

Then, there are all the strange, little, unidentifiable pieces.
Plastic or metal little pieces of stuff on counters and in drawers in your house.
You can't throw these away.
What if it belongs to something important?
What if that little piece will fix something important someday?

If dinner isn't made,
if I'm still in my pj's,
if wet laundry is still in the washer,
if crumbs are on the kitchen floor,
if the kids are still watching tv,

Why didn't anyone warn me about this?
The hours & hours devoted to
paper clips, beads, pens, and strange little objects.



AMEN TO THAT!!! Can't throw those darn little things away....and they NEVER go away!!! And why is a junk drawer called a junk drawer??? Shouldn't I be allowed to throw 'junk' away? When I try to clean them out, I am always disappointed. Everything is STILL there! That is why I prefer to clean out the refrigerator. I get to throw little things away!! It feels good to do that!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Okay I completely disagree- I throw piles away ALL THE TIME. I hate them. I used to save them. I'd make new piles in different places of all the crap I didn't know what to do with. Now? I throw them in the garbage and don't look back. I knowingly and willing vacuum up legos and pennies every day. I toss random little black plastic screws that I'm sure at one point went to something right in the garbage. Right along side McDonald toys and crayons. Purge it! It's liberating! I've never once looked back and said, "oh shoot, I must have thrown that away". You won't miss it. I promise.

Katie said...

Thank you Sara!
Not only do you help me cook better, but now you
help me organize my home better. Thank you! Thank you!

Cathy said...

I have 2 junk drawers AND a junk cupboard! Sara needs to come and clean my house and cook for me too! I will admit that I will vacuum up pennies and legos. In fact, I've banned legos from my house. We have trios instead. They still float, but aren't so tiny. Last week I had my girls get all the toys out of the family room/my work space/toy room/TV room - except for 3 buckets. 2 full of Trios, and the other full of cars. But the room still looks messy after they do the bucket dump! I haven't been able to go to dust collectors all year. I think this may be part of my problem. I'm ready to throw everything in this house away!

sorry for the ramblings. It's 1:14 am... what can you expect! ps - Stephanie, don't tell Monica that I vacuum up pennies!

Cathy said...

Wow... I'm way behind on this blog!