Instagram Photo Ideas

Have you seen this video yet?
It was making it's way around Facebook a couple of weeks ago.


I've watched it over and over,
and still find new details that make me laugh.

I just found out that the girls of studio C helped write the commercial.
Of course!

I do enjoy using chatbooks. The above video explains it all.
You can use my code to get your 1st book free! JR3MJUA2

I used the Artifact Uprising App
to put up 25 of our family instagram photos on a wall in our home.
They had a discount that I watched for.

If you google instagram prints,
there are other companies to look for.
Shop around to get a deal that works for you.

I love the wall,
and liked the quality of the prints from Artifact Uprising.
(I'll let you guess which room in the house I put these prints.)
I hung each photo by using blue painter's tape.
It doesn't hurt the photos or the wall, but hangs up well.

Even though,
I haven't tried this idea for my instagram photos,
I like it.

Magnets made out of your photos.

She put her magnets on a framed magnetic metal board.
I think this is fun idea for a kids and families to enjoy their photos.

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