Activity Day Girls - Thankful Tree

I serve the 8-9 year old activity day girls
in my local (Mormon) church congregation called a ward.
Every 2 weeks we meet for an hour with about 10 girls,
and we do something crafty, fun, educational, spiritual, etc.
It's a lot of fun.

This week we talked about the 1st Thanksgiving in America.
I loved when I asked the girls how the pilgrims made it the new land.
Most girls said, "they walked". Then we played a guessing game.
Each girl brought something they were thankful for.
We went around the room trying to guess who brought what.

After the game we made these Thankful Trees.

Lindy made this same tree a few years back when she was in Activity Days.

How to make the trees:

Objects you need to make the trees:
Empty cleaned out soup cans
Wrapping/Scrapbook paper
Twigs from your yard or craft store
Construction Paper
Scissors and Tape

How to assemble the trees:

Measure and cut out paper to wrap around the outside of the can.
Tape or glue the edge of the paper
Add 1-2 cups of rice into the can. (This helps keep the twigs in the right place.)
Tie a bow around the can
Cut out paper leaves with different colors of construction paper.

I ordered this leaf paper punch for this project.

Write things you are thankful for on each leaf.
Tape your leafs on your twigs

Display this as a centerpiece on your table in November or for Thanksgiving.
It's easy to leave some extra leafs on the table, so others can write what they are thankful for too.
(Leave the tape and marker near by).

I love this Thankful Tree idea to put on a wall in your home.

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