Brandon My Buddy

My youngest, Brandon started preschool this school year.
On his 1st day (pictured below) he told me,
"Mom, I think I'm a little taller today."

I think you're right, Brandon.
You are a little TALLER.

I'm glad he can go to preschool.
It didn't make me sad to send my youngest off,
in fact I even felt a little giddy,
at having a couple hours to myself each week.
Something that I haven't had in many years.

His preschool is only for 2 days for a couple of hours.
He's still with me a lot everyday.
To be really honest,
having him home by myself this year, has been hard.
Having just 1 is just as challenging as having 3+ kids at home.

His neighbor friends and cousin have started kindergarten.
Playdates are hard to find.
He wants me to play with him all day,
and I've played a lot of candy land, cars,
trains, and crafts over and over and over.

The dishes, laundry, cooking, and house chores are always undone,
and I feel behind.
I'm always amazed at our different challenges, with each season of life.
They always pass.
I know I need to enjoy the moments more.

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Stacey said...

Haha, what a cutie! Is he stretching for preschool?