Mother to 5 children and a pet rat

I am not a pet person.
This is hereditary,
from my mom and my sisters.

I've done the pet gold fish thing.
Dead fish a few days later,
are always a little unsettling to me.

A stow-away in Tate's socks,
from a camping trip one summer.
It was left outside in our backyard.
I did have to buy it crickets.
Also a little unsettling to me.

My son Tate over the past
couple of years has been
for a pet rat.
He did his library book research,
he studied youtube videos on how to care for them,
and was always begging to visit the pet store.

this Christmas all of his dreams came true.
He got his very own pet rat.

How's it going you ask?
Great, actually.
Really great.

I never touch it, feed it, or clean it.
The kids are all entertained.
Rats have a bad reputation.
But, actually out of all the
little furry rodents for pets.
Rats are one of the best.
They clean themselves.
They don't bite.
They are friendly and smart.
They nap most of the time.
They only live for a couple of years.

I would actually recommend it.


Kathy said...

I have heard over and over from other Mom's that rats make the best pets! I've yet to try that theory out though.

You forgot one important fact, though......what did he Name it?

Katie said...


At Grandma Peggys' last christmas party,
her hearing and memory had gone.
She was trying to understand who Tate was.
What Tate's name was.
We said "TATE" as loud as we could,
and she replied, "What, KEITH??"

So Tate named his pet rat Keith, from Grandma Peggy.