Our Pet Frog

Do you like frogs?
My kids do.

We were up in the mtns. this summer,
and my kids found hundreds of them.
Hundreds of tadpoles too!
They loved it all.

A little too much, really.

We took a gravel road to get to a lake this summer.
The gravel road gave us a flat tire.
While Chris and I tried to change our tire,
(with the help of some kind strangers)
the kids played nearby catching frogs.

When the tire was finally fixed,
we yelled to the kids,
"Come back in the car."

They all got in the car,
except Sadie.
Sadie showed us her hands cupped together.
Her hands were overflowing with many, many baby frogs.

Chris explained she needed to let them go.
She DID NOT want to let one frog go.

Luckily, Dad won this battle,
and we were all back in the car,
driving home with a screaming Sadie,
and frog-less kids,
or so we thought?!

Later that night, we were all tired, the parents especially,
and we were watching tv together.
When Sadie suddenly pointed and said,

"Look a frog, A FROG!"

Sure enough, there was a little frog hoppin' along
under the tv on the floor.
We were all a little relieved for Sadie,
since she wanted one so bad.

It turns out Tate, good ole' Tate, was the reason.
He had stowed away 2 frogs in his sock.

The frogs eventually made it back to our house, after a long 2+ hr. car ride.

We've made a home for them in our old fish tank.
The kids have been happily entertained by the frogs, ever since.
Feeding them ants, worms, and crickets.
It's been over a month, and the larger frog is still with us.

Maybe we should name him, "Socks",
suggested by Tate's piano teacher.

For the record, this is my mom's hand holding the frog.
That is a picture worth remembering.
A Grandma's love knows no bounds
- including petting and holding a slimy frog.

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Cathy said...

Way to go Tate! Ha ha. I can't believe it survived and that they still like it!