Remembering Grandma Peggy

Grandma Peggy is Chris' Grandma.
She just recently passed away.
She was 96.

She was deeply devoted to her family,
her entire extended large family.
When you were with her,
YOU were the most important person.
She was the greatest example of charity,
the pure love of Christ.
how to be Christlike,
to love everyone.
She was very faithful,
and believed in the power of prayer.
Her life had been hard, with several family tragedies,
but she loved liven',
and taught how us to carry on 
and be happy.

She loved telling family stories.
She had thousands of stories to tell.
She loved to smile,
and always had a twinkle in her eye.
She loved parties.
Especially family parties.
She loved the temple,
and was grateful in her last week of life
to partake of the sacrament.

I feel honored and lucky to have known her.
I'm grateful to be part of her family.

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