If you buy a pair of skinny jeans,

then, you'll have to get longer shirts to wear with them.
You'll probably need the right shoes to go with your new skinny jeans.
So you can look 'in-style' which was the whole purpose in getting those skinny jeans.

This leads to the realization that your whole closet
is totally out-of-date and style.
Your old jeans from at least 2 or 3 babies ago, as it turns out, are bulky.
You don't own any shirts or shoes that go with your new skinny jeans.

Then you'll have to spend lots of time in different stores.
Just one store will not have your size or the color you need.
You will have to go to several stores.
Lots of shopping, and buying, and lots of returning
will also be required.
 As well as consulting with your sisters,
and sometimes your husband.

This will cost you money.
You will have to go over your budget,
and brush up on your math skills.

Then, you'll get a bad headache.
And you'll have to find your headache pills.

All of this, will have taken up a lot of time.
Your children will have missed you.
They will ask you to read to them.
You will feel guilty.
So you sit down to read them this story:

Which of course leads you to thinking about cookies.
And then baking cookies.
The cookies are soooo yummy, that you eat too many of them.

Then you'll look at your skinny jeans.

And chances are, they won't fit you anymore,
and you'll have to go back to wearing your bulky jeans.


Laura said...

I LOVE this post. Hilarious!

Sally said...

Love, love this post!!

Andrea said...


Ingrid said...

katie, you are so witty! and cute.

Tricia said...

LOVE this post!

Mikkyn said...

HILARIOUS! Loved reading it!

Amanda said...

This is the cutest post! I love those books and thought of them immediately! So cute. I guess that's why I haven't bought any skinny jeans!