2 of my Favorite Apps

I've had an iPhone for a couple of years. I like it. The whole family uses it regularly.
I'm not much of tech wizard and don't know about all the different apps.

But here are 2 I use frequently and like. They help me out.

These apps are FREE, I try to only get FREE apps for my phone.

The AroundMe app

This one is great.
In town or out-of-town if you are looking for
your nearest movie theatre, bank, grocery store, 
or more specific things like chinese food, or a Carls Jr., etc.
This app will show you where it is,
the map location and, often, give you the phone number for the specific place you need.
It's great.

The Ask app

You can vocally ask ANY question you need.
Or you can type your question too.

I think it's more fun than a google search,
and often has a more direct answer to a specific question.

I ask if tuna can freeze,
what time stores close, homework questions, craft ideas,
science questions (why is the sky blue?),
reviews, etc.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

I just downloaded both of them! Thanks!