Tired of Christmas?

Not me, I'm still trying to do some blog catch up.

 "Sorry, Mom." Sadie said,
after eating her ENTIRE chocolate advent calendar very early in December.

This fall Sadie took her 1st Ballet Class.
She performed to the song 'Oh Christmas Tree' with her class on a real stage
in front of a large audience in December.
She loved every minute of it.
She wasn't scared, and wanted to get right back on stage after it was over.

For Christmas we went to Oregon to be at my parents home.
It was a nice way to spend the holidays. We made some fun memories!
Thanks Mom & Dad for hosting all of us.

They arranged for the grandkids to go on a train ride on the Polar Express.
They all loved it!
 Brandon loved it too.
(He's the one in the pink - older sister hand-me-downs.)
Of course he loved it, his b-day is on Christmas Eve.
He was born for this kind of Christmas FUN!

 The conductor punching our tickets
 Arriving at the North Pole
(The dud part of the trip, just looking at some lights outside.)

 Tate in his reindeer hat, and talking to Santa

On the train ride Santa came through and talked with each child.
That was fun when Santa came in our train car, and you could feel the excitement in the air.

 Why do boys do things like this?

My mom's beautiful Christmas tree

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

 A glimpse of Christmas Eve Dinner.

Christmas Eve Festivities:
Dancing Christmas Trees

Donkey Rides

 Christmas FREEZE Dancing -
playing music, when it stops you must freeze or you're out.
Can you guess who won?
My Dad!

Christmas Morning - Santa Came!
 Lindy - 1st 3 Harry Potter movies and new backpack
Kyle - Remote control car with a camera on it. Now he can be a real spy, watch out!
Tate - Some kind of flying thingy and Donkey Kong video game
Sadie - a suitcase
Brandon - a NEW sippy cup and toy airplane

Scenes from Christmas morning:

 Playing Games after church on Christmas Day:

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