Our Christmas Eve Program and Christmas Morning

My grandparents started a tradition of having a
Christmas Eve Program -  a Talent/Variety Show with their 5 children.

My mother and some of her siblings continued the tradition with
their own kids, and now the grandkids -
our family and others do the same tradition!
It's strongly encouraged that everyone participate in some way.

This year we hosted my sister and her family of 5 boys, my college brother Steven,
Dianne, my mother-in-law, and our family for our program this year.

Here was our program:
written down by cousin Matthew.
 The coloring contest.
I was the judge, this was my talent. Judging!
Steven wrote an awesome poem that he shared!
 Kyle performed the saxaphone.

Lindy performed on the piano!
 Cousin Spencer Sang!
 Sadie Clogged!

 Tate showed us how to solve rubik's cubes!
 Sam demonstrated how to make snowflakes with paper!
Both Tate and Sam's performances turned into some comedy as well!
Hilarious and great Fun!
 Molly read us a story from our prophet, Pres. Monson when he was a boy at Christmas.
 Chris did the 12 days of Christmas Star Wars Version!
Fantastic, he handed out the words so we could all follow along.
 Brandon did Jingle Bells, and encouraged all the cousins to sing with him.
 Molly's family also did Christmas Bingo!
 Uncle Jeremy read 'Twas the night before Christmas'

The kids and Steven acted out the Nativity.
We had Molly's new baby, Joshua, for the baby Jesus.
Spencer and Lindy were Joseph and Mary.
Matthew, Tate, and Nathan were shepherds.
Steven, Brandon and Sam were the wisemen.
Kyle was the Angel and Sadie was the Star!
I narrated with a microphone.
(A microphone from Costco, is a lot of fun by the way!)
 The kids are all ready to run down the stairs on Christmas Morning.
I think we woke up at 7 am??
 Brandon and Buddy our elf in the background.
(Buddy stayed around for a couple days after Christmas by accident,
and kids started getting suspicious. 'Why isn't he back at the North Pole already?')
Lindy opening her present from Sadie.
A handmade sewn pillow-
Good job Sadie!
 Chris sportin' a German tie, that Tate made for him!
 Dianne and Kyle are wearing their ear covers to protect their hearing
when they mow the lawn on their riding lawn mowers!
 Frosty on Christmas Morning!
 We had a beautiful Winter Wonderland on Christmas morning and
a nice day together as family.


Karen said...

Very fun. Great picture of Dianne and Kyle. I love that Sadie is sewing!

Sally said...

I love the picture of Sadie clogging. All great pictures!