My Daily Mom Schedule

You can double click on it, to enlarge and see it better.

Here's my secret, I hardly ever follow it!

But, I just feel better with a plan. And in January, I always resolve to use it better.
I find I have to make the chart twice a year, Fall and Winter.
I don't use it in the summer when the kids are home.

When I stay home as a mom, and I get a moment,
and my kids are at a school without a baby taking my time,
I wonder,  "What should I be doing right now?"

Can I do something for me? Should I do laundry again?
When should I clean those toilets and showers?

I can look at this chart on any given day, and know where my time is best spent.
It helps, but I don't worry one bit, if I don't follow it exactly.
We have sick days, Brandon needs me, I feel like errands on another day, etc.

H is for all my home stuff - work, really.
Cleaning, Church stuff-vteaching, callings, fam history, School Work, Planning Family Activities, Bills and Budgets, Menu's, etc.

M is for fun stuff I like to do, my creative side, fun stuff.
I have to schedule that, it's what I look forward to, and I need it for my sanity.
For me right now it's decorating/organizing our home, art/craft projects, blogging, etc.

B is for my time with Brandon, my preschooler who is with me most days.
He still needs me, and we're both happier when I give him some attention.
But, if it we're up to him, he'd have me all day, and nothing would get done.
This is where the schedule helps me. Good Balance.

At the bottom of the chart I scheduled 2 hour increments for each day.
I've tried to schedule myself by the 1/2 hour, but 2 hours gives me more flexibility.
This time chart, schedules some exercise time for me, which I forget to do, and as I age, becomes more important to do! I still find for me I need to do a load of laundry and dishes everyday to keep up.

I've only included this chart here, in case it gives you some ideas or inspiration for how to best use your time, and helping you find the right balance between yourself and your family. This is always being worked out! Right??

This chart may not work fit your tasks or what you like to do. To make your own, start with a list of your basic housework tasks, then a list of your favorite, happy things to do, and a list of kid activities you can do with your littles at home. Then, make a chart from there!

Again, I rarely stick to my chart, so crazy, right? The chart just makes me feel better.


Amanda said...

I really love this, thanks for sharing! I am just curious, when do you grocery shop or run errands? I also have a preschooler that wants all of my time, so a schedule like this might help him understand.

Sally said...

I always say I'm going to make one of those. I need a cleaning schedule. This is awesome.

Katie said...

Amanda, right now my schedule has errands on Wed., but I'm super flexible with the errand thing.
Brandon not so much, he doesn't like going, he's a homebody, Errands end up being done when he's in the right mood, or when he's at preschool.