Oh Christmas Tree

Once upon a Saturday in December we took too long to do our chores.
But, we decided to head into the mountains to cut down a Christmas tree.

A 1st for our family.

It was nearing 5 'o clock, by the time we got started,
and picked up a Christmas tree permit from the local ranger station.
We only had about 45 min. before it would get dark - to find a tree, cut it down, and strap it our car.
Thankfully, we found one, and we're able to get on our car  in the dark.
It was a fun adventure, one worth doing again, but next year will get an earlier start in the day!

Lindy loves how her dad's ear/head warmer is above his ears!

I loved our Christmas Tree this year!

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Karen said...

I LOVED it too! Molly and I sat in the room admiring it one night. Even your decor on it was so cool! Fabulous!!