Easy Reindeer Games

Here's a couple quick games to play with your kids,
or for any party or gathering you may have in the next few days before Christmas!

Roll a Snowman Game

Santa’s Helper Game
Supplies (one set per team):
  • 1 package of red crepe paper
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • A big chunk of white batting
  • 1 sheet of black paper
  • Child-safe scissors
Divide into groups of about four people, making sure you get a good mix of ages in each group. Set a timer and give everyone about 15  minutes to take a bag of supplies to turn someone on your team into Santa. Even though everyone has the same items, it’s amazing to see the creativity. Be sure to take pictures!

You could also do this same game by building Frosty the Snowman
Add a top hat, scarf, mittens or boots, and a large carrot.
Time each group to see who can build Frosty the fastest.

A Christmas Coloring Contest for Adults and Kids
has always been a fun tradition for our family's Christmas Eve.

Twas the Night Before Christmas Present Game
Wrap a simple present, and have everyone sit in a circle. Hand the present to someone in the circle. Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' by Clement C. Moore
Every time you say the word "THE" pass the present to the person next to you. When the story is finished, who ever has the present last, gets to keep it.

Christmas Name Game

Have everyone write a Christmas Name or Character on a slip of paper or
have everyone write what they want for Christmas on a slip of paper. Choose 1 version.
Name or Gift.
Then have someone read each slip of paper.
You are only allowed to read all the paper slips one time.
Listen Up, and say them loudly.
Everyone should be in a circle. Have someone start by asking, "John Doe, are you Santa Claus?"
Then John would respond if that's what he wrote on his paper. If he didn't then, then another person in the circle (usually next to the person who just guessed) has to guess, "Jane, are you Rudolph?"
If Jane or John answer yes to the person who guessed what they wrote, then they need to get up, and sit next to the person who guessed correctly. They then become a team, to work together to guess what others wrote on their paper. You continue in a circle, with the game until everyone's name has been guessed correctly. Sometimes up to 2-4+ people can become a team.

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