My oldest turns 14 and my youngest turns 5!

My 2 December Birthday kids, my bookends, were both due in January.
They both did the unexpected and came more than 3 weeks early, by natural labor.
When I was due with Brandon in January, I never even considered that he would come in December, let alone, on Christmas Eve.
What, Lindy, my oldest did, by coming 3 weeks early, by natural labor,
I thought, was a once in a lifetime experience. WRONG!
What I keep learning over and over is that life is UNEXPECTED.

Brandon's 5th Birthday on Dec. 24th:

He wanted a superman birthday cake. He designed it with me.
Telling me he wanted buildings on this cake.
He wanted to take some friends and family to our local open gym to play.
Luckily, his neighbor friends, cousins, and the gym were available on Christmas Eve.

He got some metal cars larger than hot wheels size, some miniature trains,
and a teepee.

 Money and Clothes from the Grandparents!

Lindy's 14th Birthday on Dec. 28th:

This year Lindy requested a 7-up bundt cake. Which is delightful.
(Leave a comment if you want the recipe, which you do, it is sooo good.)

She got some running clothes and foam roller to roll her sore muscles when
she will run track this spring. She got a blanket,
and a ceramic white elephant for her room decor.

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