Pneumonia's got me down

My January has been pneumonia for me.

I came down with chills at the beginning of the month.
No cold, no flu, no cough, just aches and chills, and a low grade fever.
Then a bad sore throat, shortness of breath, and a hard time sleeping.

Diagnosis: Pneumonia in my right lung.

Recovery is sooooo slow.
I'm off the antibiotics now, but I still have to rest most of the day.
I shouldn't do laundry, or cook, or really even tidy up.
I can sleep most of the day, and watch all my favorite movies and tv.
For the first few days, it was kind of nice.

But, now that I'm in my 3rd week of it, it's discouraging.
There were also times in the beginning,
when I was feeling really sick, kinda like I was dying.

I've been reminded again that there are seasons in our life when it's
important to be still,
to rest,
and to let the world pass us by.

(which is tricky to do in our instagram, Facebook, and pinterest world, etc.)

My to do list has completely fallen by the way side, and I have to be ok with that.
I can't clean, decorate, organize, exercise, plan, cook, bake, housewife, or even mother really.

These are all the things that we moms,
and wives are excited to tackle again in January for a new year,
after we put Christmas away.

I am grateful for Chris' help with the whole house and the kids, and family, friends and ward members who have helped. It has been needed and so helpful.

I'm looking forward to February,
in hopes I can get some energy back, and feel normal again.
Maybe my lesson to learn in all of this is to appreciate loading the dishwasher, folding clothes, making a meal, going to the grocery store, helping my children, etc.
Not taking my daily, basic tasks for granted.


Sally said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick. It is very frustrating when you can't do things you need/want to do. Here's hoping to a better February!

Janis said...

So sorry about the sickness! Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with--take it slow and we'll look forward to hearing more about some of your favorite things!