The Easter Bunny doesn't take toy requests like Santa

Tate came to me this week. He said,

"I've been working on my list for the Easter Bunny.
I'd like a remote control airplane."

I told Tate the Easter Bunny is not like Santa.
He gives us jelly beans. He doesn't take toy requests.

This week, Sadie got up extra early on St. Patrick's day before school.
About an hour earlier, then she usually gets up on a school day.
On most school days I have to wake her up.
She went looking all over the house for a leprechan, and some of his tricks.

She was disappointed.
Tate will be disappointed as well.

I've been thinking a lot about my job as a mother recently.
Am I suppose to make my mark on the world in some small way,
besides just my mothering work?
We have all this technology, it makes it easier I suppose more than ever,
to be somebody and do something.

Is doing laundry, keeping everyone clothed, and fed, enough?
As my children age, and I get older, and as I transition,
what is the best use of my time?

Do we have enough food storage?
Do I need to spend more time on that?
Sometimes I feel a little panicky about it.

Family History is confusing to me.
I need to hire a consultant.
Should I get some food storage, or do some family history work, or take a nap?

These are the things on my mind these days. . .
What's on your mind?

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Karen said...

So fun talking about toy lists for Easter yesterday. So glad my kids aren't the only one thinking its christmas in April. My mind is in towels. I need to replenish all of ours. Master bath, guest bath, kid towels, and guest towels. It's more work than I thought!