Sister Sheri Dew

Just a couple weeks ago, I was able to hear Sister Dew
speak to our Stake Relief Society.

I wondered if I should go on a Sat. a.m.,
because I had to get to the church
extra early and it was going to be more than a couple hours.
Chris was out of town that weekend,
and I was hesitant to leave the children home alone.
I knew the littles would need some extra attention in the a.m.
Things worked out, and I knew I should try.
I'm so glad I did.

No fluffiness to hear message.
If you ever get a chance to hear her.
Do. Go and Listen.

She did start her talk,
with letting us know that we didn't come to hear her.
We came to feel the spirit,
and allow the spirit to teach us and give us
personal revelation.

She shared the story of how her talk,
came to be.

She had sat in training with the brethren
(Apostles and General Authorities).
They were talking about families.
When the brethren, were talking and discussing
they would use the word Man and Woman.
A senior apostle leading the discussion would correct
them, and say replace the word Man for Father and Woman for Mother.

After a couple hours of hearing this,
it began to really bother Sis. Dew.
She was in a room with about 100 men, and about only 9 women.
She observed she was probably the only one who was not
married, and who was not a parent in the room.
She was upset and offended about replacing woman for mother.
This bothered her for several months.

She finally took her questions, her frustration,
and her anger to the Lord.
She humbled herself, and wanted to know the why,
and spent a lot of time studying and praying.
She worked to get an answer.
She wrestled, she explained to us.

Her answers finally came,
and she was thus prepared to give the talk

I personally think this is one of the top talks
written for women ever.

This talk is profound,
and inspiring,
and definitely worth reading and studying again.


Janis said...

I am a huge fan of Sheri Dew as well. Thanks for sharing this!

Darryl said...

I always loved that talk, I'll go read it again! Thanks for blogging, I really enjoy it! (from Amanda not Darryl)