Personal Progress

My daughter, Lindy, is in the 7th grade.
One of her classes this year required her to do some
service hours in her community.

We were able to do some work at our local
doing some cleaning, cooking a meal, and baking.
Lindy arranged to do it with some of her friends,
because they all had the same class requirement.

We were able to include this service in her young women's personal progress too.

After feeling inspired in several ways,
I have started doing the personal progress program too.
It has changed a lot since I was in young women's.
When I was serving in young women's in my last ward,
the girls responded better, when I was engaged in the program with them.

I feel the same way about encouraging my own daughter to complete it.
She can me sign off, when I complete a project,
and I can report to her when I finish a task.
Wish me luck.
Sister Dalton said when I make dinner for the family,
my husband can sign me off too!

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