The True Meaning of Christmas

This is Grandma Peggy.
She is a happy person and likes to keep her family together.
She is Chris' (my husband's) grandma on his father's side.

She has an annual, family, Christmas party every year in her home.
She is 92. 
She manages to get her home ready, have some food prepared,
and presents individually bought & wrapped gifts for all her little great grandkids.

Her life has been difficult to say the least.
She has buried 2 husbands.
She has buried 3 adult children, and other infant children, each of a sad circumstance.
She is a convert to the church.
She joined the church in her mid-adult life after she had raised most of her children.
She has a large posterity from all walks of life.

Every Christmas, most of her posterity gathers in her home for Christmas.
No matter your life's circumstances we are all equal for a night in her home.

As I thought about the party this year,
I realized Grandma Peggy teaches me each year the True Meaning of Christmas.

In many ways, I think this is where the Savior himself
would spend some of his time during the Christmas Season.

I'm thankful Grandma Peggy has given me this gift for the season.


Ingrid said...

Beautiful insight, Katie.


Thanks for sharing--Merry Christmas to you all!