New Red Window Coverings

Last summer I redid my kitchen window coverings.

I measured the window length, and bought particle(?) board at Home Depot.
Each board was longer than the window length.
I had one of the workers at Home Depot cut 2 boards
the right length to fit both my windows.

I bought red, bold, patterned fabric at JoAnn's.
I was nervous to use this fabric.
It is bold, I had another fabric I was deciding between.
Lindy convinced me to go with the bold!
Lindy was right. I have loved them.

1. I hot glued the fabric onto the front of both boards.
(A staple gun would work just as well.)
I didn't cover the back of the board with fabric.

2. Using a pencil I marked where two holes needed to be,
to screw on the metal hangers on the back of the board.
I also cut a small square out of the fabric for the holes.

3. Then, I drilled two small holes and screwed in the metal hangers.
For each board I put a metal hanger on each side.

Ta Da!
P.S. I love red!
Can you tell?
I always need hints of red in my home decor.

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Stacey said...

I'm impressed with all your projects. Nice work!