Lindy's Spring

Lindy participated on her school track team.
She participated in the 800 meter race.
At each meet she always placed high enough to continue onto the next meet
from school to regional, to district, and onto the final city meet.

She tried out for and made it onto a competitive soccer team this whole year.
It was hard work, she learned a lot, cried some tears, and became a better soccer player.

She won her school's geography bee,
and went onto to compete at the State Geography Bee.
She made top 11 in the state, and was the best girl in the state.
The top 10 were all boys.
Then, right before our eyes she finished elementary school.

(Lindy with her 6th grade teacher, Mr. Fife)

From Kindergarten to 6th grade, just like that.
She'll be part of the class of 2020. Cool!

I confess, as I've sent my children to kindergarten, I haven't cried yet.
I've always been excited for them,
and a little eager to send a child out the door for a couple hours.

But, as I reflected on Lindy being done with elementary school,
I had my first tears.

It was a mom moment, the kind that is fleeting and unexpected.
I didn't have any expectations for Lindy as I sent her off to kindergarten.
I just hoped she would learn her letters and numbers, and not come home crying.

Her success in school has far exceeded my meager expectations I had for her.
Congratulations, Lindy, you are turning into a great young lady.


Stacey said...

Fun to see Lindy in action. She is so talented!

Karen said...

Wow, what an amazing post!!! So proud of Lindy!! She is a very special little lady and we love her to bits!! Can she babysit my kids the whole month of July?

Rachel said...

Congrats! Such a big transition when they leave elementary school. Looks like she is well equipped to tackle what comes next :)

Janis said...

These are wonderful accomplishments! Can't wait to see what lies ahead for her!!

Ingrid said...

You (and Lindy) just made me cry! She is a wonderful super-star!