Yw in Excellence - Owl Stand in Holy Places

I serve in our young women's program in our church at this time.
I work with the Mia Maids, the 14-15 yr old girls.

In the fall, we prepared our YW in Excellence program to showcase
the girls work with Personal Progress.
We gave the night a theme:
Owl Stand in Holy Places
We met all together with the parents and yw
to talk about personal progress.
Then we broke the group into 2 groups.

The first group went into our yw room
to hear a message from our Bishop.

The second group went into a room to make an owl craft
to remind them to do their personal progress.
The craft was a little wooden owl painted before hand,
with a clothespin glued to the back.
The girls glued on different patterns of
scrapbook paper, eyes, and a beak to make the owl craft that night.

The yw can place their current personal progress goal
on the clothespin as a reminder to them.

Afterwards each group switched places.
Then, we all met back up in the gym for refreshments,
and to view the yw's personal progress table display.


Rachel said...

Super cute!

Janis said...

This looks amazing! Lucky Young Women!

Kathy said...

What a fun evening for the girls and parents! Great job!

Amy Makechnie said...

Oh my goodness I wish I had seen this last week! I will have to remember the idea - ours is next week. Great idea :)