"I will help thee"

I've been thinking a lot about fear, doubts, concerns, decisions, trials, etc.
The unknowns, the what-if's, the future.
Sometimes the older I get, the harder it is to make decisions.

I read Matthew chapter 8 vs. 23-27 today about fear.

The disciples boarded a ship, to follow the Savior.
"There arose a great tempest."
The ship was covered with the waves.
The disciples were scared, they were in a very bad storm.
They panicked. (Just like I would have done.)

The Savior was physically, and literally on the ship with them.
But, they were still frightened.
They thought they were going to die.

The Savior was calm during the storm.
He was sleeping.
The disciples awoke him, asking him,
"Save us; we perish."

The Savior said,
"Why are we fearful, O ye of little faith"

It's interesting to me that the Savior asked them
this question in the middle of the tempest.
He didn't ask them this when the water was calm.
When it was hard, really hard, that's when He asked them,

"Why are we fearful"?

I found great comfort today in the scripture, Isaiah 41:10.

"Fear thou not, for I am with thee;
be not dismayed; for I am thy God:
I will strengthen thee;
yea, I will help thee. . ."


Darryl said...

Love this! Thanks, Katie! - from Amanda not Darryl

Laura said...

This was a great reminder to me. Amazing how he was sleeping during the storm. I forgot that detail.

Kathy said...

Fear is such a detriment to faith. Our world is so full of fear, and our world causes fear. I love this beautiful story about the Savior reminding us to not fear. It is all part of the plan!