A memory

A long time ago, (11 yrs ago to be exact),
my family was together over the holidays in the OR mtns.

We went snow-shoeing. Lindy was just about 1 yrs old.
She DIDN'T like it!
We had a snow-shoe guide that would stop every 5 min. or so.
The guide would point out things for us to observe in the snow and on our hike.
This would make Lindy CRY even more, every time we stopped.

She would calm down a little, if Chris could keep walking with her.

To make matters worse, Lindy ended up under a tree,
that happened to dump most of it's snow right on top of her.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!", then the wailing really began.

I love this photo.
I love the color of our ski coats.
I love my expression.
Who am I mad at?
The guide for stopping so much,
Lindy for crying,
the person taking the photo,
the snow?
Who knows?

Lindy eventually overcame her dislike for snow and snowshoeing.
This past month, she spent a whole week in the Idaho mtns. with her 6th grade class.
She participated in a winter science school,
where they were in the snow all day,
snow-shoeing, observing, and playing.


Laura said...

Ha ha I love that picture! Such colorful windbreakers! :) fun class, that sounds like a blast!

MollyE said...

That is a great photo. I remember when all that snow got dumped on her, so sad.