Tate the Great turns 8

 We celebrated Tate's b-day this year on the Oregon Coast!
It was a beautiful weekend.
Tate requested omelettes for his b-day dinner.
He got a dinosaur lego set, a new book, and a giant magnifying glass.

8 great things about Tate:
1. He likes going to school everyday.
2. He's excited about his new scriptures, 
he wanted us to mark his favorite story about David & Goliath.
3. He likes building & creating things with his hands.
4. He'll read you a poem every week, if you'd like.
5. He's learning how to read.
6. He's patient with his brother Brandon.
7. He likes things to be just right.
8. He keeps our family entertained with his ideas.

The next weekend, he was baptized.
It was a beautiful weekend for his baptism too!
 Tate with his 2 grandmas.
My mom on the left and Chris' mom on the right.

Here is Tate with his grandpa, my dad and his great grandpa Ricks who's 90!
What a treat to have his great grandpa there.

We're so grateful for Tate's willingness to be baptized,
and we're grateful for our extended families who came for his baptism.

When Tate got home from school his first day of having the Holy Ghost,
I asked Tate if he could feel a difference.
He said, "YES!"

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