A Fun Clothing Tip

Did you know you can take 2 bags
of your old clothes to the store, H&M. (Store locations)
and they'll give you a 15% off coupon?

I personally tried it this fall,
with 2 bags stuffed of my family's old clothes.
The clerks knew exactly what to do.

You can take your old clothes with stains and holes.

I don't like taking our family's stained clothing to Deseret Industries.
But, I feel guilty throwing those clothes out.


Amanda said...

This is so fabulous! I had no idea. Very good to know, and I think there is a store not too far from me.

Rebecca said...

I am really out of it, what is H&M?

Katie said...

It's a clothing store for women, men, and children.
There are 3 in your state. 1 is at Washington Sq. Mall.

It's fairly new to me too.
They just put one in our mall about a year ago.