The Last Day of September

-Today I stayed in my pj's because I have a cold.
-I looked at our financial future. Retirement, kids college, missions, etc. I need to budget better.
-I went through Tate's old clothes to give Brandon new clothes and shoes.
-I took Sadie to school.
-I crocked a roast too late in the afternoon, (It needed to be on low all day.)
  and then had to put it in the microwave so it would be ready for dinner. Bleh.
-Lindy went to piano, Kyle to soccer.
-Chris gave the Suburban an oil change.
-Chris took the kids to a small pond by our library, to let our frog go.
  Our froggy didn't look so good anymore, and seemed to have lost his appetite for our patio ants.
-We played Yahtzee for FHE, I lost horribly. Tate won by a lot, he got Yahtzee twice!
-I'm mad about the government shut down, we have plans to go to a national park this week,
 and when the government shuts down so do national parks. BIG FROWNY FACE.

Sadie saying good-bye to our little frog!
She cried, it was hard.

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