Easy Ideas for Gen. Conf for Kids

Last General Conference, I gave each of my 4 older kids a poster, 
and a set of dollar store markers.

They used one side of the poster for Saturday's sessions,
and the other side for the Sunday sessions.
I told them they could put whatever they wanted on their posters.
They loved it, and it was super easy for me to prepare.
We hung them up the week after Conf. to remember.

This idea to use speaker labels in a little notebook looks fun too!

Lindy's Statistics:

Sadie scribbled:

Kyle drew a square for each talk:

Tate drew the pulpit:


AmyMak said...

Love this idea. This year we did the speaker label and as usual, we'll do the food bowls. I always make cinnamon rolls...sometimes I wonder if we're trying to make conference to "fun" and too much work for mom, so I like this minimal approach you took. Have a great weekend and birthday week coming up!

Karen said...

Wow, very cool posters! I love all of their artwork!!