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I loved Sara's advice about the simple, mundane moments of motherhood:
"When in quiet moments I let my mind wander to the things engraved upon my heart, it’s a different set of memories entirely.  I remember as clear as day how she’d let me pull up a chair and play “ice cream man” while she did the dishes.  I remember her “letting” me match all of the socks in the laundry basket and making a game out of it.  I remember the feeling of her hands as they rubbed my back when I was scared at night.  I remember her talking to me and asking me about my day and my life when we’d drive around on endless errands.  I remember her favorite meal of canned tomato soup and slightly burned grilled cheese because she always sat down with me for lunch when we’d have that.  What I remember, what I treasure, are moments stemming from the most mundane moments of motherly duties: laundry, errands, bed time."  Read More.

This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever read about our bodies, health, and exercise:
"My body doesn't conform to the standards of fitness of my community. . .I exercise to thank my body, not change it. . .if I were to focus my time and energy toward weight loss management, I actually wouldn't have much energy for much else. . .In our home 'health' has a very simple definition:It means to love your body. It means to love it enough to take care of it, exercise it, feed it good food, nurse it when it's sick, rest it, move it, dance when it wants to dance and clean it when it needs cleaning."
Read More and More

This was all over facebook last June, but I still think and giggle about it,
especially as we're starting a new school year:
"I’m so tiiiiiiiiired and I have five kids and that is just too many to educate well. I can only handle around two, so I’m going with Sydney and Caleb because they both like to read and the other three are just going to have to enroll in Life Skills Class one day and develop a trade.

Yesterday Remy brought her books to me at bedtime – an hour notable for its propensity to incite rage and trauma – and chirped, “We need to read for 20 minutes!” and a little part of my soul died.

“No, we don’t have to read tonight.”
“We already read.”
“When I talk to you during the day, that’s like reading. You have to listen to the words I am saying and then make sense of them. It’s really hard work for you. It’s called auditory reading. We’ve been practicing all day. I’ll write the minutes down in your log.” Read More

MiddleAged Mormon Man's Blog Post about
The First Presidency and the Apostles joining Facebook.

I love this new missionary video about incorporating missionary work
as part of our daily routine. It doesn't need to be something extra,
it can fit naturally in with the flow of our life.

I liked this mom's thoughts on the missionary age change.

I love this Utah Mother of the Year's insight on mothering, her blog is fun too.

Happy Reading!

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