Up to Our Eyeballs

We've been up to our eyeballs in origami around our house all winter and into spring.

These photos are only a small amount of the folding going on.
Every counter top and floor space has been or is covered.
Every day for months now,
I go around throwing out recycling all the folded origami papers all over our home.

This problem could be my fault.
I downloaded this origami app for my kids to use.
They have loved it.

Teachers have kindly asked my boys to do a little less folding during class.
I guess they've taken their obession out of the home too.
Supposedly other students have picked up on the habit too.

Hmmmm. . .


Karen said...

Well it entertained haylee and Sadie in Oregon for days. Hope they are still into it for Oregon round two!!

Rebecca said...

Round two??? I am still recycling from round one!!! BTW, Do you think the kids will be willing to hit the trenches for round two?

Katie said...

You mean this problem has spread into other homes' and onto the cousins.

Oh dear, it's worse than I thought.

Yes, mom, the kids can help you in the trenches.