Fun with Food

Here's some of my favorite food treats I've tried recently:

Using snack chocolate pudding on my vanilla ice cream, then sprinkling peanuts on top. Yum!

Using Laughing Cow cheese wedges to eat with apples or crackers.
Perfect afternoon snack for an energy boost!

Using buttermilk instead of milk to make biscuits, waffles, etc. with Bisquick mix.
I still use a little milk. If it asks for 1 C. of milk, I do half buttermilk, and half milk or 1/3 milk and 2/3 buttermilk. Use whatever you like. Experiment a little.
Buttermilk seems to make it taste a little more homemade when making biscuits quickly using a mix.
A little more fluffier and tastier.

Use sourdough bread when making french toast.
It tastes a little fancier, like restaurant style - than using cheap, regular breads.
Using a loaf of this is cheaper than taking your family out to eat for breakfast.
Grab a loaf once a month, french toast is great for a quick meal or a lazy weekend breakfast.

Unless your kids are like my Sadie, she takes one bite of sourdough bread,
leaves the table immediately, and announces to the family that she has to barf as she runs to the toilet.
She tells us later, she doesn't like the way it tastes.
Thankfully she never threw-up, once we explained the bread tastes different.
If you have children like Sadie, hopefully the syrup and cinnamon in your french toast
will hide the sourdough flavor, if not, oh well. Try another fancy bread loaf instead.

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MollyE said...

Wow, fun ideas! That was hilarious about Sadie.