That's What Spring is For

Where we live in Idaho, Spring is always a confusing season.

The sun starts to shine again, and some days can begin to feel warm.
The days begin feeling lighter longer.

 But, the wind can whip through most of our spring and make any day feel COLD.
Cold enough to stay inside and not go to the park just yet.
Temps at night can remain freezing.
We can't plant our gardens, or even our summer flowers.

We can still expect a snow storm or two.
We have our winter coats out in the hallway with our flip flops.

Spring can't seem to make up it's mind.
Should it hold onto the cold of winter?
Enjoy the hot chocolate just one more day.
Maybe, Spring thinks, holding onto winter isn't so bad,
just staying warm & comfortable inside.
Staying where you are can be just fine.
Snow is really rather beautiful.

Or maybe, just maybe the warmth of the sun,
and the coming of summer is something to look forward to.

Spring is change and confusion.
Spring is adjusting and even awkward at times.
Spring can even feel painful,
when you look outside on what appears to be a sunny day,
only to step out into a cold day,
and quickly come back inside.
"I'll just hold onto winter one more day".

But, something inside of you says
that summer might be worth all this change.

Sometimes I feel like Spring.
If I'm making a big decision,
or when my emotions are here and there,
or my body feels a little out of sync,
or when my mothering feels a little less than it should,
or my kids are growing up.
It can all feel just like Spring.

Today, on this first day of spring, I realized that's ok.
I can feel confused.
I can wear my winter coat and paint my toe nails.
That's what Spring is for.
A transition time.
 Spring helps us hold onto Winter for a little while longer,
as we get ready for the warmth, light, excitement, and change of what's ahead.

Spring helps us get to the Magic of Summer.

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