Netflix Delights!

Here are some recent things we've enjoyed as a family on netflix:

Nacho Libre the movie, with Jack Black.
We were all laughing hysterically at times watching this movie.
"It's debessst!"

Old Mr. Bean episodes.
I've never seen my boys laugh so loud when they watch Mr. Bean
They also loved watching him perform at the Olympics opening ceremonies.

My kids love this tv show.
They conduct science experiments  and do special effects to prove myths wrong or right.

Curious George
My kids LOVE this show.
All my kids from the 11 yr old to the 2 yr old.
If it's on, they all gather together and watch several episodes.
The truth is I like this little monkey too.

Classic Sesame Street episodes.
The ones I watched as a kid-better than the newer ones today.

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