I just feel like Talking . . .

(I'm in the middle, my sis, Molly is on the right, my other sis, Sally is on the left.)

I feel good.
I'm enjoying for the first time in 10+ yrs. of not having a baby, or being pregnant.

I feel like I'm catching my breath for the first time in a long time.
It feels good.

My kids have been pretty healthy, which is rare for a change, too.
We got our flu mists in the early fall.
(Flu spray up my kids' noses' in place of a shot. My kids like that bettter.)
I don't know if it helped, but I'm going to say it did.
Some of my kids have had weird skin stuff, that we are trying to resolve.
But, that's much easier to take care of than stomach and bad fever flu stuff.

Winter hasn't been too bad. Cold and a couple good snow storms, but not too bad.

I'm excited for spring, though.

My younger brother, Steven gets home from his mission, this March!
Yeah, for homecomings! Can't wait for that family gathering.

We have another extended family event in May that we are all excited about as well.
Details to follow. It's very exciting and something to look forward to, for sure.

We're fairly busy with typical family stuff.
Some karate, some piano, Lindy on the clarinet, Preschool field trips and parties, etc.
We'll do spring soccer for the older kids, that's coming up.

Chris is in serious training mode for his first Half IronMan. This June.
He'll run 13 miles, bike 56 miles, and swim a mile and half.
I'm way proud of him, for being so disciplined and focused on this goal for him.

Chris is a dentist, and he owns and runs his own practice.
I help out with the marketing side of his practice.
But, feel way behind on things I could or should do to help out with that.
His website is old and needs to be updated, and it's time to give his practice more of an online presence.
Google, facebook, etc. His office staff helps with this too, but none of us are experts on the subject.

I'm trying to get our home organized. It's kind of fallen apart in some areas. Kids' clutter and stuff,
home paperwork, etc. Our home is about 7+ yrs., and you can start to see areas that need a little
update or walls repainted, etc.

I feel busy each day, with lists of things to do. But, I also get lazy, and just enjoy watching tv at night, or spending time on the computer.  Some times the mental energy of talking with and helping my 5 children makes me not want to tackle anything on my to-do list.

Anyway, that's me for now.

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