The Marshmallow Test

Did you read Pres. Uchtdorf's great talk about patience?

In the beginning of the talk, he mentions a professor that did an experiment with 4 year olds.
They could have a large marshmallow now, or wait 15 min., and then have 2 marshmallows.
He left them alone in a room where he could observe them.
Only 30% waited.  He followed the kids later on in their lives.
Some positive things happened to the kids who waited.

I couldn't wait to do this experiment on Lindy, Kyle, and Tate.

What do you think each of my kids did?
The results surprised me.

Post Edit: They all waited. I didn't think that was possible, and 15 min. seemed like forever to me.
Lindy played the piano and looked at wall decor.
Tate laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling.
Kyle took a mini nap, he did mention in the beginning before I finished explaining the test that he wanted to eat the marshmallow. I told him I would leave the room and to think about it first.


Ingrid said...

oh, i am very curious...

Andrea said...

My question is, Was there anything else in the room for them to do? or was it just them and a marshmallow? That would make a huge difference.

Karen said...

I think Lindy and tate waited and Kyle ate his

Katie said...

I didn't do an exact science experiment.
They were in our front, boring, visiting teaching room with no toys or a tv.
They were not in a blank room with 4 white walls.

Andrea said...

I was really wondering what the professor did but I'm assuming you wouldn't know the answer to that :)
Josh and I were discussing that when we heard the talk.

Rebecca said...

When I went VT last month, us "girls" discussed the marshmallow test. . . .I told them I don't really like marshmallows all that much and didn't even as a 4 year old. So I probably would have eaten mine right away because I wouldn't have cared if I got a second one. . . .do you have any kids like that?

MollyE said...

I don't like marshmallows either. I can't wait to hear the results!

Katie said...

All of my kids love marshmallows!

I had them do the experiment in the room by themselves.

I too was wondering how the professor did the experiment. I'm sure you could maybe google it, or use the reference from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk for more info.

I didn't take the experiment too seriously, I was just curious about how my kids would respond to the test. Since Lindy and Kyle were older 8 and 6, the test may not be that accurate for them.

MollyE said...

wow, they all waited? Interesting what would have happened if they each had to wait in the room alone. Sibling pressure can be very strong. Great experiment!

Katie said...

They did wait in the room alone.
I did not have them do the test together.

They did the experiment all by themselves.

They didn't know about the test or the rules from hearing from the other sibling, either.

MollyE said...

Oh well, now this is getting interesting. I can't believe they all waited. Lets analyze this next time we talk.