I need to discuss Downton Abbey

First off, I knew how the 3rd season would end before I even started watching it.
Chris, my husband, warned me, but he wouldn't tell me,
so I promptly read and analyzed the internet spoilers.
I don't like surprises. I always read the last few pages of a book.
Especially, since I knew it would pull at my emotions, I needed to be prepared.

As I watched the last episode, I was emotionally detached.
It was also the Sunday night of a Monday holiday for my children.
Most of them were up while I was trying to watch - being loud, and fairly distractive.
So, I wasn't as into this particular episode as I have been during other episodes and seasons.

I've decided to handle the end of Matthew with humor. How about you?

These were some twitter comments that caught my eye.

"If they had made it a 2 hour show, then Matthew wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get home."
"If we had paid our PBS pledges then they wouldn't have had to downsize the cast."

This comic going around made my day!

Ok, so I LOVE this show. I love all the interactions with all the different characters.
I started watching the show 3 years ago, that means,
I care about the characters and what happens to each of them.
I love deciding which characters are good through and through.
I also love watching people change on the show for the better. Love that part.

Who do you think has been a constant chracter over the 3 seasons?

Mrs. Hughes?
(By the way, when will they start some romance between her and Mr. Carson?)


It's not real life, I get that, but I find myself in similar situations all the time
with all the different people in my life.
My kids, neighbors, people I work with at church, etc.
I'm learning how to get along with everyone.
Not that the people in my life behave the same way as the characters on the show,
but I make mistakes, those around me make mistakes and we all have to get along.
I have opinions and I make judgements.
I want things to stay the same. I want things to change. You know what I mean?
Downton always seems to be dealing with the same issues.

If I were on the show I would love to be one of the servants.
A fly on the wall to the family living upstairs.
Being a part of it all, without the pressure of being part of the family.
It would be too much pressure for me to have be one of the Downton daughters.

My favorite character might be Cora. But, it's hard to choose.

Here is a fun link:

Sesame Street, UpsideDownton Abbey.

It's all been good fun,
and I always thankful for creative people who create good things
for us to enjoy.


Karen said...

Sal and I just had a good talk about downton abbey today!!! Oh I would love to be a downtown daughter. I daydream about being a part of their family!! After season three ended I went back and watched season one again. It was even better the second time. Now I'm debating on if to buy the second season or not.

Andrea said...

I just wrote a really long comment and don't know if it worked. I guess I wasn't signed in.
Anyway I guess I live under a rock because I hadn't heard anything about him leaving the show, or Sybil for that matter. So I was very surprised. I knew something "shocking" was going to happen but not that anyone was going to die. I think it would have been better if I would have known something, maybe not the specifics, because I don't like to know everything beforehand. My son was up watching with me with an earache and he was enjoying the show, but I think he was a little concerned when it got closer to the end and realized what was going to happen and started to say no, no over and over again. :)
I love Anna and her and Mr. Bates are so cute together. I loved the scene on their picnic when she's teasing him about her surprise and he was so lighthearted and completely different from how he's ever been before.
I rewatched the first season and thought it was so much better than the next two but I still enjoy watching. Even though I was very angry about Matthew and said I wouldn't watch the show anymore and I know come next Jan. I will be glued to PBS. :)

Lisa said...

Ha ha! I love the Sesame Street link and the comic! We were watching it (and I'd heard the actor hadn't signed on for another year, so I was pretty sure what would happen). Scott thought it was funny how they had blood dripping down his head...just in case anyone didn't get that he was dead after the car rolled over him.