Late to the Party

I love the expression 'Late to the Party'.

I feel that way a lot - that I'm late to the party on many things.

Here's what I've been late to the party on recently:

Listening to the band Mumford & Sons

Using houzz.com for fun ideas and inspiration for your home.

Check out these fun ideas on houzz.com:
customize your home command center (paper, calendars, bills, etc.)

Be careful, this site is dangerous to housewives.

What have you been 'Late to the Party' on recently?


Kathy said...

I love Houzz!

Karen said...

Hahaha so funny!! Well I was way late to the party on bangs. I love that I got them even though I'm growing them out :) I haven't even arrived at the instagram party. I just cant add another addicting hobby to my life yet. I'm totally late to the party on being preggers. My whole crew of friends who have the same ages as my kids are all holding their newborns by now, but hey! I love arriving in style with a grand enterance!!