January Snapshots

Snowmen Building
Gorgeous Views out my windows on several mornings with all the frost on the trees!
My camera and photo skills were unable to capture how beautiful it really was.
 Tate gets a fat lip from a sledding accident.

Kyle took 3rd place in our ward's Pinewood Derby.
We were all happy he placed.
The competition this year was fierce.

 Kyle made some telescoping device for spying.
I found him doing this all over the house spying on us.
He rigged 2 mirrors and a cardboard box to make it.
(The idea came from, watching a Curious George tv show?!)
I think, at one time, he used it to read scriptures in our FHE lesson.
 Tate was insistent on building/making a hot chocolate stand.
It was below freezing and no one was outside.
He eventually set up shop in our garage.
At one point in his construction making it was in the middle of our kitchen pathway,
during high traffic time in our kitchen.
It made for a grumpy mother, and frustrated 7 yr. old.
Sadie started skiing!
She fits right in with our skiing family.

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Sally said...

Great memories! I love that picture of Sadie skiing. She looks so cute and little. I need to try skiing one of these winters.